Any glimpse into the life of an
animal quickens our own and
makes it so much the larger
and better in every way.
- John Muir

Young woman holding dog Close up of dog


Staff and Board



Bethany Hively, Executive Director

Marissa Hsu, Director of Operations

Community Engagement Team

Nikki Koenig, Donor Relations Manager

Angie Gillenwater, Community Engagement Manager

Hannah Jones, Volunteer Coordinator

Tracey Diuguid, Adoptions Coordinator

Veterinary Care Team

Cheyanne Cleary, Veterinary Care Manager

Animal Care Team

Julie Hypes, Animal Behaviorist

Kanawha County Humane Officers - Jerry Anderson, Tessia Samms

Laura Morris, Admissions Manager

Timothy Moore, Animal Care Manager

Maria Huffman, Dog Care Coordinator

Taylor Myers, Cat Care/Foster Coordinator

Board of Directors:

Rachel Burdette, President
Brady Campbell, Vice President
Kate Page, Secretary
Jenny Newman, Treasurer
Caleb Knight
Martin Riggs
Doren Burrell
Rodney Pauley
Renee Huffman
Jennelle Jones
Jack Rossi
Kim Stizinger
Vanessa Ferrel
Andrea Beeson
Lera Vanmeter

Ryan Tierney

Jessica Hall