"If having a soul means being able
to feel love and loyalty and
gratitude, then animals are better
off than a lot of humans."- James Herriot


Strays at KCHA

All dogs over 6 months of age brought to our shelter as strays are held for 5 days to allow owners reasonable time to reclaim their pet. After their 5 day stray hold they will be made available for adoption! 

Animals on stray hold are eligible for reservations. This is a $50 donation to ensure being first in line to adopt if the owner does not come forward! To process an adoption reservation, please contact one of our adoption counselors by calling 304-342-1576, or texting 304-693-6521.

§19-20-8. Impounding and disposition of dogs; costs and fees.
(a) All dogs seized and impounded as provided in this article, except dogs taken into custody under section two of this article, shall be kept housed and fed in the county or municipal shelter for five days after notice of seizure and impounding has been given or posted as required by this article.