Any glimpse into the life of an
animal quickens our own and
makes it so much the larger
and better in every way.
- John Muir

Young woman holding dog Close up of dog


Lost and Found

Lost or Found - submit the pet's photo to

Their facial recognition software immediately searches for close potential matches to the pet, helping reunite pets faster!  

If you’re unable to care for the pet until its owner can be located, please call (304) 342-1576 ext. 119 to reach our admissions department.

For after-hours emergencies regarding injured strays only, please contact Metro at (304) 348-8111 or the Animal Emergency Clinic at (304) 768-2911.


If you’re able to care for the pet until its owner can be located:

  • Immediately upload the photo to - they have facial recognition software to help reunite pets! 
  • Check the animal for ID tags/licenses and call any numbers listed. Take the animal to the nearest veterinarian or animal shelter to scan for a microchip if no tags are present.
  • Post a photo of the animal on Facebook! Share it on your personal page as well as posting on Lost & Founds Dogs – West Virginia.
  • Ask around! Ask neighbors and local businesses if they recognize the animal.
  • Make a “Found!” flyer with photos of the pet. Post flyers in the windows of local businesses, prominent landmarks, utility poles, and so on. Not everyone in our area uses social media, so paper can reach different folks! 


Please note:  We do not pick up stray cats or kittens. Our admissions team will accept stray cats/kittens that are candidates for adoption as space allows.