Any glimpse into the life of an
animal quickens our own and
makes it so much the larger
and better in every way.
- John Muir

Young woman holding dog Close up of dog


June 18, 2017 - Magic Island, Charleston WV

Well-behaved dogs on non-retractable leashes welcome!

ADMISSION: $5 at the gate

Cash and credit accepted

Registration runs noon to 12:30pm. Races begin at 12:45pm.
PRIZE: Race winners will receive a gift basket


Woofstock and Wieners Non-Food Vendor Application

Woofstock and Wieners Food Vendor Application


  • The Wiener Dog races are for Dachshunds only. If the dog has the breed characteristics then it will be entered. Decisions about which races a dog is eligible to enter are at the discretion of the registration personnel. For the I Wanna be a Wiener Race the Dog must be at least part Dachshund but is allowed to have longer legs than is characteristic of Dachshunds.
  • Please be sure your dog has had all required shots for its own protection.
  • You may bring your dog’s favorite toy.
  • No food (human or dog food) or other pets are allowed in the immediate race area.
  • All dogs MUST be on a leash and will be asked to leave if unruly.
  • Owners are required to cleanup their dog’s accidents. Plastic bags available.
  • Dogs and owners should be on their best behavior (i.e. no fighting or biting).
  • Only two handlers in the race area per dog - one at the start and one at the finish line.
  • No waving blankets or other large items.  Squeaky toys and small dog toys are allowed.  Owners must not throw their dogs to start the race. Release with a hand out to sides for a fair start. Allowed release method will be demonstrated.
  • Races will be run in heats with the winner of each heat racing against the other heat winners in their division.
  • No dogs not involved in the race and parade are permitted within the race area.
  • No selling of puppies or adult dogs of any size or breed on the premises.  There may be opportunities to adopt animals from pre-approved Rescue Organizations present.
  • No wagering on races permitted.
  • Proceeds go to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association to further their life-saving mission.